Dr. Aman Getachew

Dr. Aman Getachew earned his doctor of medicine degree from the college of health sciences, school of medicine, Addis Ababa University in 2013. He further attended his post graduate study in the same institution earning a specialty certificate in radiology, graduating top of his class and being awarded the honour of the Whitaker’s radiology award, given to the highest scoring graduating radiologist in the country. Dr. Aman Has worked as the medical director of the Mizan Teppi university teaching hospital, as well as a radiologist in Liyana health care and Yanet specialized medical and surgical center. Dr. Aman has special interest in pediatric radiology and has publications pertaining to pediatric radiology in local and international journals. He is an active member of the radiologic society of Ethiopia and was a presenter in the 23rd annual scientific conference of the society held at UNECA meeting hall in 2018. Dr. Aman is currently working as a full time radiologist at Samaritan surgical center.

      Dr.Yewubdar Tefera