Even though local investors have expressed strong interest to address this medical need by building internationally competitive medical tourism destinations, it has bee very difficult to find adequate financing with favorable terms from the private banks to secure as well. Even though this is the reality in financing in the healthcare sector in the country, this is the third time, we, as a group (with various partners) have decided to take a risk by investing our personal resources along with high-interest bank loans taken from the local private banks. We are very happy that we are doing our part to address this enormous need one healthcare at a time! I am also happy other investors are joining the effort with similar vigor, which will make it easier later.

Samaritan Surgical Center, which is founded by four partners, Afework Asgedom, Frewoyi Alem, Melat Abate Dr. Akeza Teame, is by far the first center that will be providing multiple surgical specialty services exclusively. It has two surgical theatres, which are built following international standard. This will minimize postsurgical infections as our well-ventilated, temperature controlled, HEPA and air-conditioned and humidity regulated surgical theater will minimize infection while creating a more conducive working environment for our surgeons and nurses.

Our History

Samaritan Surgical Center (SSC), which is located inside the Sunshine Real-Estate Compound adjacent to its sister company the American Medical Center, opened its doors for business in December /2017. The Center fully utilizes electronic medical record system and exclusively provides multi-disciplinary surgical specialty services. It has two surgical theaters, which are built to meet international standard. The fact that surgical procedures are performed in HEPA-air filtered, temperature regulated, and specially designed rooms make the risk of post-surgical infections very low. Such a conducive working environment improves work discipline and the sense of teamwork as well as professional satisfaction.

Our Setup

Our center provides surgical services to both pediatric and adult patients, has 20 surgical ward inpatient beds and 6 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds that are each equipped with mechanical ventilator as well as a modern wall pendant that allows easy access to other medical equipment for the convenience of the patient.  We have invested a significant amount of resources and time to make our center have a first-class central oxygen supply system. State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment such as a brand new CT scan, C-arm machine, complete ultrasound from GE, x-ray and a complete laparoscopic tower are some of the diagnostic equipment our center has to offer.

The center is also equipped with centralized oxygen and vacuumed (suction) system in all its inpatient rooms, ICU, recovery and emergency room. Its unique nurse call feature is built in patient rooms’ to allow communication with duty nurses and doctors whose top priority is safety and comfort of patients.

We at SSC, strive to provide the highest possible standard of care and first-class treatment in a professional and patient-centered setting to every person who accesses our services. We strive to improve the healthcare service in Ethiopia and help our society one life at a time.

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